Sunday, October 7, 2012

I've been fortunate enough to take what I learned yesterday in my free HTML learning and apply it today to a website I'm working on with my hubby. Temple Massager. This has been a really good experience today and I even get paid to learn. I'm working in word press, which is a bloging tool, a content manager. I don't really have to know HTML because word press does that for you. I did change links and fix links relative.
Did some content formatting using tools such as bullets. Though these items aren't really hard or unusual the HTML stuff I learned yesterday made me feel as if I knew what I was doing. My hubby said he wouldn't let me work on the web pages unless I had taken the time to learn yesterday. I love the idea that what I learned I can instantly apply.
Yeah. Fun random walk today, but much sitting has occurred and no actual walking. I enjoy computer work and enjoy working with the hubster, but I realize that web work takes lots of time and sitting. If I get really good at this I'll have to figure out how to get some exercise and walks in.

Wishing I could have jumped on this baby....but learning and working on the computer takes time. Time from your life and potential fun stuff.

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