Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today's random walk...
Some days I just surf the net checking out some of my favorite blogs like:
Tiny House Blog
This is Ella's Tiny Yellow House

 I really like this blog because I'm a fan of simple living and minimalism. I wish I could have a tiny house like the one's featured on this blog some day. If you enjoy simple living in small spaces.
The littlest Polly
This is Polly Bland of My Littlest Polly

I like her blog because she is a student costumer and is really talented and there is something nostalgic about her blog. She has deep family roost and sometimes wears some of her grandmothers things. This appeals to me on so many levels. She seems so sweet and sincere and I love her vintage appeal. I know that she will go far in her career and enjoy checking out her journey. Thanks Polly
Howling for Justice
Beautiful Gray Wolf Couple
This is a fairly new blog for me, but I love Gray wolfs (all Wolves) so much, it's natural I would find and now follow this blog. This one is particular hard for me to follow because, though this is a fantastic blog about the Gray Wolf this blog also follows the hunting and decimation of this wonderful creature. I have a hard time with those parts of this blog, but I find it important all the same.

Sometimes my random walks take me on a path of wonderful retail sites or just researching things I need.
I went on a wild ride researching diapers for my son and his upcoming child. Still the verdict is out on what to buy.
 A great fair trade and organic clothing site where I recently purchased my other son's birthday present from is Soul Flower, I love their clothing, designs, and pretty much everything about them. Check out this cute outfit from them.

I call this look cute pixie girl, not sure what they call it. 

Anyway, just a few stops on my random walk for today....more later. Have a lovely whatever!

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